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Boxing Rumors: Did Floyd Order A Beat Down Of Alleged Thief?

Floyd Mayweather is getting all set for his May 3 fight with Marcos Maidana, but there always has to be some drama. The latest in rumors suggests that Floyd took the law in his own hands. The man once known as “Pretty Boy” hired a couple of dudes to watch his home and then things came up missing in the crib. And Floyd blamed them, according to TMZ. But, wait there is more. The men were told to meet Floyd at a place out of the way. When they got there, they were greeted by Floyd and several other men and then received the beatdown of a lifetime. They also were allegedly beaten with all kinds of weapons and whatnot. The dudes that allegedly stole from Floyd were hospitalized for broken arms and legs. Both men have gotten lawyers and are looking to beatdown Money May in the legal process.

- KON Staff

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Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur

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