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Keith Thurman Says He’s The Most Avoided Fighter In Boxing And Names Those Who Ducked Him

Keith “One Time” Thurman sees a forthcoming vacancy on the pound for pound throne of boxing once Floyd Mayweather decides to retire. And you better believe that he’s more than ready to fill it. Not now, but right now.

The heavy handed welterweight, who is fresh off of 3rd round TKO of Julio Diaz, spoke to Knockout Nation while in Las Vegas for Mayweather’s May 3 showdown with Marcos Maidana. With his record now at 23-0 with 21 of those wins coming by way of knockout, Thurman says he is ready to clean out the 147 division. The only problem is that he can’t get anybody to fight him.

“The Diaz fight was short but that’s what happens when you don’t put me in with world class fighters,” Thurman said. “I can do that to many men.”

Thurman then starts singing the hook of 50 Cent’s “Many Men” because, just like boxing, this is all fun for him. The 25-year-old has been running roughshod over opponents with a wicked display of speed and power. In a sick and twisted way, he enjoys watching his opponents crumble to the canvas. But the joy he gets out of cracking a rib or breaking bones in his opponents face has led to a number of big name opponents turning down fights with him.

“Honestly, I’m the most avoided fighter in the game in comparison to any other weight division,” Thurman said when discussing with Knockout Nation what is next for him. “Nobody has said no to a fighter more times than they have said no to Keith Thurman.”

But we wanted to know who has turned down a fight with Keith Thurman. Many fighters say that they are avoided but unwilling to drop names. Keith Thurman isn’t one of those fighters.

“Paulie Malignaggi made an excuse and Shawn Porter’s team made an excuse not to fight me,” Thurman responded when asked for examples. But he wasn’t done. “Robert Guerrero said no according to Richard Schaefer. Marcos Maidana pulled out of a fight with me. There might be another big name that I can’t remember right now but we get a lot of “No” and all I do is say “Yes!”

Most boxers would find it discouraging to be denied fights with some of the bigger names in the sport. But not Keith Thurman. The fact that people want no part of the young fighter only feeds into his confidence.

“It’s encouraging,” the knockout artist says. “It shows me that I will takeover the welterweight division.”

Will anybody accept the Thurman challenge? If not, rest assured that you will be called out.

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Andreas Hale

Andreas Hale is a former editor at websites including, and Today, he is the editor-in-chief of Knockout Nation and has covered boxing and MMA for mainstream media outlets such as and Jay-Z's, as well as die-hard outlets, including, Fight! Magazine, Ultimate MMA, and others.